Learn about cheeses from all over the world using your iPhone.

Now you can take a community-driven cheese encyclopedia with you when you visit a wine bar or cheese shop! Rate and log your tasting notes. Learn about cheeses from all over the world. Stop feeling intimidated, get Stinkd!

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  • Upload photos
  • Save tasting notes
  • Read tasting notes left by other users
  • Mark favorites

Stinkd Features

  • Easily look up a cheese type from anywhere, even the cheese shop
  • Region, texture, and description for most cheese types
  • View photos of each cheese type


  • iPhone or iPod Touch running iPhone OS 3.0 software or newer.
  • WiFi, Edge, or 3G Network required; except for cached data

Things planned for the near future

  • Wishlists
  • Random cheese
  • Find where cheeses are sold locally/online
  • Wine and cheese pairings

What people are saying about Stinkd

  • “Another dope ass product by WeLike, LLC.” - Mark Bao, Avecora
  • “This just made me a cheese addict!” - Adam West, Microsoft
  • “I will no longer feel intimidated when I go to the Whole Foods cheese counter... a must have app!” - Frances Tremond